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"We are together in Wuhan, praying for each other's well-being and protecting the dawn at the ends of the earth. Wuhan refuels, lights up hope together, Wuhan refuels, shoulders the responsibility together, tosses and turns the fast aid material, passes through the four directions, ten thousand people struggle, win-win this battle... "


In the face of novel coronavirus infection, a battle without gunpowder was launched.


In the Spring Festival, the most important festival in Chinese tradition, they did not care about reunion, risked their lives and rushed to Wuhan I also have a deep understanding here. Years ago, my uncle planned to take my aunt and sister home for the new year, but because of this sudden epidemic, I asked my uncle to "give up my family and serve everyone" and always rushed to the front line. I didn't have a video call on the eve of the night. They were kind-hearted and committed to the clinical front line.


Whenever I sit next to the TV and see the action of the white soldiers volunteering, I am proud of you and happy for you. Your lofty professionalism deeply touched me.


New year's Eve, Wuhan Caidian huoshenshan hospital construction site, bright lights. Hundreds of excavators and bulldozers are busy. The epidemic situation is severe and there is a shortage of materials. Some donated money, some donated masks, some donated goggles, some donated dumplings I believe that when we unite, the wind and waves can not stop us.


We are moved by the scenes of fighting against the virus. In the time of national crisis, every ordinary person should shoulder social responsibility. Let's not be afraid, let's not be anxious. Scientists have studied the vaccine and believe that the epidemic will be controlled in the near future.


As an ordinary middle school student, I can't share anything for the country, I can only support your work. Wash hands frequently, go out less, wear masks, exercise more, drink more, and go to places with dense flow of people less. Please believe that Wuhan can stand, Hubei can stand, China can stand! Everything will be fine.


There is no mountain that can't be turned over with one heart and one hand, and no ridge that can't be crossed. Gather one's heart and one's will. Wuhan, come on! China, come on! Tomorrow will be better



At the end of January, the new coronavirus spread from Wuhan to all over China. It stripped away that layer of noisy appearance when people celebrated the Spring Festival; those problems that caused serious consequences were only a single one after analysis; those who were lyrical and graceful again were just a few upsurges in the disease.


They say it's a natural disaster, but the hidden game shops in the seafood market in South China are still open in China. In Wuhan, such a big city, they are only at ordinary times, but now, in a real sense, they can't escape! Those civets, bats and pangolins on the menu are clearly marked with the price. Those national second-class protected animals on the dining table of the world's wonderful food lovers, who can see the hesitation of chopsticks! He that thinks glory, O! Spring Festival ah, what a festive Festival, eating those wild animals that have antibodies to the virus, and now their fragile body has collapsed again, that is, the day, will you? Human beings, closing your mouth is the greatest protection for your healthy body and also the best defense against the bad atmosphere of Chinese society. Don't say much, or those who swear the most will get more praise. Paradoxically, people chew the coarse hemp or the Pearl. Only by pointing out the problems and recognizing them can they be sober. Natural disasters in the population are not allowed to be the mother of the earth.


Virus, not without those front-line soldiers, on mobile phones and news, can see what we call "angels in white", and even the festival is on duty. As expected, once the problem arises and the ugliness is revealed, the real fighters will be revealed. Only those who sacrifice their ego to make great achievements and contribute to the people, such as academician Zhong Nanshan and Doctor Li Wenliang, are really the "backbone of China".


The disseminators of great love in the world should believe that it is not only the doctors who have made great contributions to the front line, but also the popular saying that the front line is there, with logistics. The pillars behind the people are the public servants of the people. Those bus drivers, political department staff, community neighborhood committee, Community Grid Management Office, community police station and so on, which looked small and unfamiliar yesterday, will be changed today. They, behind the scenes, maintain the order of the whole human society. Keep in mind that behind every group of red marked data you see on your mobile phone every day, they may be busy working overtime. Is China big? Of course it's big; is this data easy? Not easy. They are not only for the people, but also indispensable to the society. They are real heroes behind the scenes. They pay homage to their comrades!


What we are fighting against is the new coronavirus. What we are spreading is great love. Because to believe that those love and warmth spread faster and more powerful than the virus.


The vast nine schools flow to China, and the sinking line runs through the north and south. Can disease invade China? It's hard to shake people if they don't fall!



There are many kinds of people in the world, such as heroes, great people, celebrities, but the most common ordinary people around us. Today I want to talk about one of those ordinary people.


During the Spring Festival, a sudden epidemic disrupted our lives, but the busy streets became cold and clear. People were afraid to go out for their own safety, but there were always many reversers, who insisted on their jobs for our convenience and safety. For example, doctors, mask factory workers, sanitation workers, bus drivers


What I want to say is Uncle Li Qingfeng, the bus driver. During the epidemic, what the family cares about most is the news. There are many heroes in the news. From the news, I know the bus driver. He starts from home to the bus yard at 4:20 every day. It's not bright at that time. In order to prevent and control the epidemic, he has to do a lot of checks every day to ensure that he can get the key and start Before the bus disinfection, carefully check whether the anti epidemic notice is pasted, and confirm that the vehicle status is normal before departure.


One day's work began. In the epidemic situation, we should do a good job in disinfection, especially in the armrest, seats and ballot boxes. When arriving at a platform, Li Qingfeng should remind passengers to wear masks and pay attention to personal protection. He said, "because I like this industry personally. Since I like this profession, I have to do my job well.". In this extraordinary period, to stick to the front-line posts and do a good job is to contribute to the epidemic. "


In the most ordinary post, there are also the most ordinary people, doing the most ordinary things, it is these ordinary things that create a happy and harmonious society.


Go China! Come on, Wuhan! The motherland is even greater because of these ordinary people.